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“Dakota Wall: The Heartbreaking Tale of Sisterly Loyalty Lost”And More About All Her Life Accidents…

The Dakota Wall stretches across the entire Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, its imposing presence formed from Dakota sandstone around 65 million years ago. This monumental structure came into being during the Laramide Orogeny, a period of intense geological activity that lifted up the Front Range region, part of the ancient Ancestral Rocky Mountains.

As the earth’s forces exerted their power, the Dakota formation fractured and shifted vertically, creating the distinctive Dakota Wall. Over millions of years, the once towering Ancestral Rockies gradually eroded into plains, but the enduring remnants of the Dakota Wall remained steadfast.

Today, you can still see traces of this ancient wall on the western side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, nestled within the picturesque San Luis Valley—a testament to the enduring power of geological processes and the passage of time.

Dakota Wall: What is it?

Wall received credit for the time he had already served after admitting guilt on April 8 to a serious charge of home invasion, classified as a Class X felony, with a mandatory prison term of six to thirty years. Before this plea, Wall had already spent 884 days in custody.

The case began when Stephens was reported missing on July 19, 2010. Tragically, her body was discovered in Beaucoup Creek six days later.

According to statements made by defense attorney James Stern, Wall deliberately left Stephens’ door unlocked on July 19 with the intention of allowing friends to play a prank on her while she slept.

Sidnee Stephens: who is she? 

Sidnee Stephens played a significant role in the heartbreaking saga of the P’Town Saints murder. Born on May 15th, 1995, in Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois, United States, Sidnee was the daughter of Jason Tritschler and Tracy Stephens. Growing up, she shared her home with four siblings, forming strong family bonds along the way. 

Attending Pinckneyville Community High School, Sidnee immersed herself in her studies, showing dedication and diligence. Beyond academics, she found solace and community at the Oak Grove Baptist Church in Pinckneyville. These details paint a portrait of a young woman deeply rooted in family, faith, and education. Tragically, her promising life was abruptly cut short by the harrowing events of the P’Town Saints murder.


Sidnee Edith Cheyenne Stephens was an American national and a Taurus by sign of the zodiac.On May 15, 1995, she was born in Murphysboro, Illinois, which is in Jackson County. Sadly, on July 25, 2010, she passed away in Perry County, Illinois.

 Regretfully, she lost her life in Perry County, Illinois, on July 25, 2010. Seated in Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery was Sidnee. She was Tracy Stephens’s and Jason Tritschler’s cherished daughter.


Full NameSidnee Edith Cheyenne Stephens
Date of BirthMay 15th, 1995
Zodiac SignTaurus
Place of BirthMurphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois, USA
Date of DeathJuly 25th, 2010
Place of DeathPerry County, Illinois, USA
Place of BurialSunset Memorial Park Cemetery
ParentsJason Tritschler and Tracy Stephens


Sidnee Edith Cheyenne Stephens came into this world on May 15, 1995, which means she’s around 29 years old today.

Body Measurement:

Born on September 14, 1992, this individual boasts a weight of 130 lbs and stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. With striking blue eyes and blonde or strawberry hair, she falls under the category of a white female.

Sidnee Stephens: What happened to her? 

Sidnee Stephens: What happened to her? 

In her past, Sidnee grappled with inner demons, struggling with moments of darkness and thoughts of self-harm. There were times when she’d vanish, only to reappear later on her own. So, when she disappeared again on July 19, 2010, her family initially assumed it was another one of those episodes. Yet, deep down, they couldn’t shake off the gnawing fear that something far worse might have happened.

News of her disappearance spread like wildfire, igniting worry and concern across the community. People banded together, scouring every nook and cranny in search of her. Amidst these tireless efforts, two fishermen stumbled upon a haunting discovery near Beaucoup Creek Bridge, south of Pinckneyville—an unsettling sight in the water.

Authorities swiftly swung into action, piecing together clues to uncover the truth behind this grim mystery. Amidst these clues—a labret piercing and a distinctive pendant—they confirmed the devastating truth: Sidnee Stephens had met a tragic end, her life cut short by violence, as later revealed by the autopsy.

Relationship Between Dakota Wall and Sidnee Stephen:

Sidnee loved spending time with her older half-sister, Dakota Wall, just like any other young sister. Dakota, though, did not enjoy it. As they grew older, they seemed to distance themselves from each other even though they were in the same group. 

Dakota started dating Chad Bennett at some point. He was the head of the P-Town Saints, a local gang. His friend Carl Dane dated her for a short while before Sidnee broke up with her. Sidnee kept a journal in which she documented her relationships. When Dakota happened upon the journal one day, she was offended by what she saw. Sidnee supposedly wrote about having sex with Chad Bennett. 

Examining the Death of Sidnee Stephens:

The investigation into Sidnee’s tragic death kicked off by questioning her closest friends and family. Among them was Carl Dane, her ex-boyfriend.At first, he angrily denied having anything to do with her death. However, the truth started to come apart when detectives found bloodstains on his clothing.

In a shocking confession, Dane revealed the harrowing details of Sidnee’s last moments. He admitted to forcibly taking her to a bridge, where he, along with James Glazier, another individual tied to the P-Town Saints gang, choked her unconscious before Dane ultimately shot her.

But the plot thickened further when Glazier was also brought in for questioning and admitted his part in the crime, implicating Robbie Mueller as well. It turned out that they had invaded Sidnee’s home with Mueller acting as a lookout, before dragging her into their car and committing the heinous act.

Justice caught up with them eventually.Following his guilty plea to first-degree murder, Dane received a 60-year prison sentence. But fate had other ideas, because the night before he was supposed to be moved to state custody, he was discovered dead in his jail cell.

Mueller and Glazier faced separate trials and were also found guilty.Glazier was sentenced to 60 years, while Mueller was given 37 years.

In a subsequent development, Chad Bennett, a second offender, acknowledged his involvement in the crime and received a 20-year prison sentence. During the legal proceedings, a number of the initial charges against him were subsequently withdrawn.

Was Dakota Wall found guilty of killing Sidnee Stephens? 

Dakota Wall found herself entangled in the web of justice in connection with her sister Sidnee Stephens’ tragic murder. She stood accused of aiding the very individuals responsible for her sister’s demise. Shockingly, Wall confessed to a chilling detail – she intentionally left the door to their home unlocked, paving the way for her friends to abduct her younger sister.

In a desperate attempt to mitigate her guilt, Wall argued that she never anticipated her friends would cause harm to Sidnee. She claimed her intention was merely to scare her sister. However, authorities didn’t buy her explanation. Rather, they filed charges against her for first-degree murder, kidnapping, home invasion, and burglary, making her answerable for her part in the catastrophic sequence of events.

Where is Dakota Wall at the moment?

In 2018, Dakota Wall came to terms with her actions and accepted responsibility for her role in her sister’s death. As a consequence, she was handed a 26-year prison sentence. Looking ahead, there’s a glimmer of hope that in a decade, if things unfold as anticipated, she might become eligible for a parole hearing.

Currently, Wall resides in Lincoln, Illinois, confined within the walls of the Lincoln Correctional Center for Women’s Penitentiary, serving out her sentence. Despite the heartache and pain, her mother expressed a sense of closure and satisfaction with the outcome, perhaps finding solace in the justice served for her daughter’s tragic loss.


Dakota Wall found herself implicated in the tragic murder of her sister, Sidnee Stephens. She admitted to aiding the individuals responsible by intentionally leaving their home unlocked, allowing her friends to abduct Sidnee. Despite claiming she didn’t anticipate harm, she was charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, home invasion, and burglary. Wall accepted her guilt in 2018 and received a 26-year prison sentence. She currently serves her time at the Lincoln Correctional Center for Women’s Penitentiary in Lincoln, Illinois.


Dakota Wall confessed to leaving the door of her home unlocked, facilitating the abduction of her younger sister, Sidnee Stephens.

She argued that she didn’t anticipate her friends would harm Sidnee but was charged with serious offenses including first-degree murder.

Wall accepted responsibility for her actions in 2018 and received a 26-year prison sentence.

Her involvement in Sidnee’s murder was part of the larger P’Town Saints case, which involved multiple individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Was Dakota Wall directly involved in Sidnee Stephens’ murder?

Dakota Wall was not directly involved in committing the murder of her sister, Sidnee Stephens. However, she admitted to aiding the individuals responsible by leaving the door of their home unlocked, enabling her friends to abduct Sidnee.

What charges were filed against Dakota Wall?

Dakota Wall faced charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, home invasion, and burglary in connection with Sidnee Stephens’ murder.

What was Dakota Wall’s defense?

Dakota Wall claimed that she only intended to scare her sister by leaving the door unlocked and didn’t anticipate her friends would harm Sidnee. However, authorities rejected this explanation, leading to serious charges against her.

Where is Dakota Wall now?

Dakota Wall is currently serving her 26-year prison sentence at the Lincoln Correctional Center for Women’s Penitentiary in Lincoln, Illinois.

Did Dakota Wall receive any leniency in her sentencing?

Dakota Wall received credit for the time she had already served prior to her guilty plea in 2018. However, she still faces a lengthy prison term for her involvement in the murder of her sister.

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