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Glen Edey proudly refers to Zach Edey as their son. It seems they prefer to keep their personal life private, as there isn’t a lot of information about them online. Zach also has a younger brother, and from what’s visible online, they share a strong bond with each other. It’s clear that family is important to them, even if they choose to keep most of their personal details out of the public eye.

Fans of Glen Edey are currently looking for information on his wife, parents, ethnicity, wiki, biography, age, net worth, and other details.

Who is Glen Edey?

Zach Edey’s dad, Glen Edey, is a real baseball enthusiast. He’s been coaching at a youth league, lending a hand to young players trying to hone their skills on the field. Baseball’s been his passion since he was a kid himself. Besides baseball, Glen’s also got a green thumb. He pitches in with his wife’s gardening and beekeeping ventures, making sure their backyard is buzzing with life. Glen’s a hands-on kind of guy, whether he’s coaching baseball or tending to the garden and hives with his wife.

Bio : 

Glen Edey was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Although his exact birthdate was not found on any wiki page, we are aware that he is a Christian and an Aquarius. He completed his education at a private university after attending a private high school. Now, you’re in the right place if you’re searching for more juicy information about Glen Edey’s life, such as his family, ethnicity, and net worth.

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Early life and childhood:

The early years of Glen Edey were built on the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.He was exposed to the vibrant environment and wide range of cultural diversity of the city at a young age.Even though nothing is known about his early years, we do know that he attended a private high school where he probably made friends for life and received a top-notch education. He inherited a strong sense of morality and community from his upbringing.

Being a young man navigating the highs and lows of adolescence shaped Glen’s character and goals. Little is known about his early years, but it is obvious that his upbringing laid a solid foundation for the person he would become.

Numerous early events and influences may have influenced Glen’s interests, passions, and path. into maturity.

These early years prepared him for the journey ahead by giving him the abilities and fortitude required to face challenges head-on and with purpose.


HeightApproximately 5 feet 8 inches (not confirmed)
WeightApproximately 79 kg (not confirmed)
BirthplaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of BirthNot available in any sources
Zodiac SignAquarius
EducationPrivate High School, Private University
WifeJulia Edey
ChildrenTwo sons: Doug Edey and Zach Edey
EthnicityNot specified
Net WorthNot available

Glen Edey Age:

Unfortunately, there is no specific information available about Glen Edey’s age. This detail is not provided in any available sources.

Glen Edey Height: 

According to sources, Glen Edey’s approximate height is 5 feet 8 inches, and his weight is around 79 kg.


Glen Edey completed his education at a private university after attending a private high school.

Career Glen Edey: 

Regretfully, no particular information about Glen Edey’s career is available. The content that has been provided lacks information regarding his professional pursuits.

Glen Edey Net worth: 

We’re going to talk about Glen Edey’s net worth. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information available about Glen’s net worth on any social media platform.

Personal life: 

Yao’s ancestry is unknown. He has Canadian nationality because he was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Brother and sister: 

The parents of Glen Edey are described in this paragraph. He never revealed in an interview any information about his family, including his parents’ names, their occupations, and the names of his siblings.

Glen Edey Family: 

Not a lot of information about Zach Edey’s family life can be found in open sources. Like many athletes, they prefer to keep personal and family life details private in order to protect their privacy and concentrate on their careers. As a result, precise details regarding Zach Edey’s family, childhood, or interpersonal connections are not easily available. Athletes frequently maintain a degree of privacy outside of their sporting pursuits by keeping their personal affairs apart from their public persona.

Glen Edey Relationship: 

Glen Edey tied the knot with Julia Edey, and together they have two sons named Doug and Zach Edey. Zach has gained recognition as a prominent Canadian basketball player.


Glen Edey and Julia Edey have two sons named Doug and Zach Edey. Zach Edey has made a name for himself as a notable Canadian basketball player.

Social media Glen Edey: 

You can find Glen Edey on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Feel free to connect with him there!


Glen Edey is the father of Zach Edey, a renowned Canadian basketball player.

He has a strong passion for baseball and has been involved in coaching at a youth league.

Glen is also actively engaged in gardening and beekeeping ventures with his wife, Julia Edey.

His upbringing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, shaped his character and instilled in him a strong sense of community.

Glen Edey’s exact birthdate is not available in public sources, but he is known to be a Christian and an Aquarius.

He completed his education at a private high school and university.

Glen is married to Julia Edey, and they have two sons, Doug and Zach Edey.


Zach Edey, a well-known basketball player in Canada, is the proud son of Toronto native Glen Edey. Glen’s coaching involvement in youth leagues is a testament to his love of baseball. He takes a keen interest in gardening and beekeeping, as does his wife Julia. His values and character were greatly influenced by his Toronto upbringing. His commitment to his family and community is apparent, even though precise information regarding his age and profession is not easily accessible.


  • What is Glen Edey’s profession?

Glen Edey’s specific profession is not mentioned in available sources. However, he is known for his involvement in coaching baseball and his passion for gardening and beekeeping.

  • Where was Glen Edey born and raised?

Glen Edey was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • Does Glen Edey have any siblings?

Details about Glen Edey’s siblings are not provided in available sources.

  • What is Glen Edey’s marital status?

Glen Edey is married to Julia Edey.

  • Are there any public records of Glen Edey’s net worth?

No specific information about Glen Edey’s net worth is available in public records or social media platforms.

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