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Unveiling Vanessa Rider’s Age: A Closer Look at the Basketball Wives Star, Bio, Family, Personal Life And More…

Season 11 of Basketball Wives welcomed some fresh faces, including Vanessa Rider, who quickly made her mark on the show. Vanessa revealed that she persuaded her husband, former NBA player Isaiah Rider, to join the cast, adding a new dynamic to the group.

Their love story started during Isaiah’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers. Over the years, as Isaiah transitioned to the Denver Nuggets, their relationship blossomed, leading them to tie the knot. Since then, Vanessa has embraced the role of a basketball wife, bringing her own flair to the show.

Vanessa Rider Age:

As of 2024, Vanessa Rider celebrates her birthday on July 15th, 1981, making her 42 years old.

Who is Vanessa Rider?

Vanessa Rider lives in the Phoenix region with her three children, husband, and parents. In addition to being a devoted mother and wife, Vanessa is a shrewd businesswoman who runs a gym. Her love of exercise is evident in the social media postings she makes, where she frequently provides snippets of her personal exercises and physical pursuits.

Vanessa’s gym, Battleground, is a Tempe, Arizona facility with a large basketball court that can be rented. 

The gym also hosts various events, including a Christmas pop-up, as highlighted on its Instagram page. Additionally, there’s mention of a barber shop business associated with the gym, although the exact connection remains unclear. Excitingly, Battleground is set to expand with a new location in Los Angeles, expected to open soon.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Vanessa cherishes her family moments and isn’t shy about sharing them on social media. She delighted followers with a stunning pregnancy photoshoot before welcoming one of her children, Seven King Rider. Since then, Vanessa has kept her fans updated with adorable snaps of Seven’s growth milestones. Moreover, she proudly showcases her older children’s basketball skills as they follow in their father’s footsteps on the court.


Vanessa Rider, formerly Vanessa Cassidy, was born and raised in Arizona, USA. She was born to her parents, Gin Cassidy and Butch Cassidy. Despite her public presence, there’s limited information available about her parents, and Vanessa herself seldom discusses them on her social media platforms.According to the records, her father died on January 29, 2017. As a youngster, Vanessa grew up alongside her sister, Elise Cassidy.

Early Life And Childhood: 

Vanessa Rider celebrates her birthday with family and friends on July 15th of each year. Born on July 15, 1981, this 42-year-old often makes people smile wherever she goes. Vanessa is sensitive and kind, which is appropriate for her Cancer sign. Born and reared in Arizona, she is an American citizen who values her nation’s vast cultural variety. Due to the merging of several ethnic cultures in her ancestry, Vanessa has a diverse range of experiences and perspectives in her life.

She finds comfort and strength in Christianity, which shapes her values and ideas, and is led by her religion.


Full NameVanessa Rider
Date of Birth15 July 1981
Age42 years old (as of 2023)
Ethnic BackgroundMixed (Asian-American)
HeightApproximately 5 feet 7 inches (based on visual estimation from pictures)
HometownPhoenix, Arizona
Social MediaInstagram: @vanessarider
Facebook: @vanessarider777
Mother’s Birthday8 October (celebrated on social media)

Vanessa Rider Height: 

Standing five feet eight inches tall, Vanessa Rider exudes grace in every way. She radiates elegance and confidence everywhere she goes because to her poised stance. Vanessa maintains a healthy weight of about 65 kg, which helps her to stay active and fit throughout her day.

Vanessa Rider Education: 

Vanessa Rider started her scholastic career in a nearby high school in her hometown. Although information regarding her education is still limited, it is clear that she went after further education, and she is thought to have graduated from college. 

Despite the lack of specifics, Vanessa’s commitment to education underscores her dedication to personal and intellectual growth.

Vanessa Rider Career: 

Vanessa Rider’s professional journey remains relatively private, but she recently stepped into the spotlight by joining the cast of the reality TV show, Basketball Wives.Past her TV tries, Vanessa is likewise engaged with the games world through her responsibility for ball indoor court in Arizona.Notably, her life partner played nine seasons in the NBA and had an astounding profession. He gathered noteworthy details over the course of his time there, like a normal of 16.7 places, 3.8 bounce back, and 2.7 helps per game, which exhibited his expertise and worth to the game. Subsequent to scoring 9,405 focuses in his NBA profession, Vanessa’s better half essentially affects the sport of ball.

Vanessa Rider Net Worth: 

Vanessa Rider’s financial portfolio is certainly on the rise, with a net worth exceeding $700 thousand. Together with her husband, she co-owns the thriving gym, Battleground AZ, a venture that shows promise for expansion, including plans to open a location in Los Angeles. Their gym features a 24-hour basketball court, catering to sports enthusiasts round the clock. Vanessa’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as they aim to offer franchises and envision a future with over 4000 locations in the next two decades.

Additionally, the gym’s Instagram reveals their diverse offerings, including hosting events such as a Christmas pop-up, adding to its allure and community engagement.

While Vanessa’s individual net worth may be harder to gauge due to limited information on her professional endeavors, her husband boasts a considerable net worth of approximately $10 million as of 2023, a testament to their collective success and financial stability.

Vanessa Rider Regarding Basketball Wives:

Vanessa Rider’s journey to joining “Basketball Wives” was a long and contemplative one. Despite being associated with basketball through her husband for many years, she only made the decision to join the show in 2023. Interestingly, she had been in talks with the producers since the show’s first season in Miami, but her husband’s reservations held her back.

However, Vanessa’s perspective shifted when she learned about the show’s transition to being overseen by BET under new executives. Recognizing this as a valuable opportunity for her and her husband’s business expansion, she seized the chance to step into the spotlight.

As a newcomer to the show, Vanessa believes that she and some of her fellow cast members have genuine ties to the basketball world, which adds depth to their stories. She feels that despite others being on the show for a longer duration, their connections to the basketball world are not as authentic.

The drama unfolded swiftly for Vanessa, with her first encounter involving Evelyn Lozada.Remarkably, this was a scenario that production had known about since 2013. Vanessa’s husband, Isaiah, finally decided to remove her off the program, despite the fact that she was originally scheduled to appear in season 9 due to the COVID-19 epidemic.


Vanessa Rider made her mark in the reality television scene when she appeared alongside Jackie Christie in the popular series “Basketball Wives LA.” This opportunity allowed her to showcase her personality and life as a basketball wife on a larger platform, garnering attention from fans of the show. Vanessa’s presence added depth and intrigue to the cast, contributing to the dynamic narratives explored throughout the series.

Vanessa Rider Parents: 

Vanessa Rider is a mother. Vanessa is devoted to giving her children love, care, and support, even though specifics about her children are not frequently made public. She probably loves being a mother. She probably balances her career with her parental obligations and deals with the pleasures and difficulties of being a mother. Vanessa’s life and actions are probably greatly influenced by her experience as a mother, which reflects her goals and ideals.

Vanessa Rider Husband: 

Vanessa Rider met her future spouse, Isaiah Rider, when she was scarcely eighteen years of age. Their sentiment went on for some years.Despite encountering promising and less promising times in their relationship — including a five-year break — they at last sealed the deal and, as of December 2023, had been hitched for quite some time.

2009 marked the start of their reunion journey, and despite typical relationship obstacles, Vanessa has been transparent about their dedication to one another. She has said unequivocally that their relationship has never involved domestic violence, even in the face of their arguments.

Vanessa’s significant other, Isaiah Rider, had an effective NBA vocation as an expert b-ball player. Isaiah, a local of Oakland, California, succeeded in both baseball and b-ball during his secondary school vocation. The Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Pioneers, Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Lakers, and Denver Pieces were among the clubs he played for all through his NBA vocation.

The four kids that the couple had are individually distinct in their personalities and developmental stages.

 Their youngest, Seven Ling Rider, was born on July 7, 2021, while their eldest, Elijah Sunny King, celebrates his birthday on October 31. Despite their busy lives, Vanessa and Isaiah prioritize family, cherishing moments together and supporting each other through thick and thin.

Although Vanessa’s choice to appear in the reality program “Basketball Wives” may have initially generated some conflict, Isaiah has been encouraging and has even gone on a few photo sessions with her. Their journey together, which is full of love, difficulties, and everlasting loyalty to each other and their family, represents the intricacies of marriage and motherhood.

Vanessa Rider Sons: 

and Isaiah Rider, former NBA player, are proud parents to four wonderful children, but all their kids are daughters. Their family is complete with two beautiful daughters: Kya and Seven Ling Rider, who add joy and laughter to their household. Despite Vanessa’s desire for another child, unfortunately, it resulted in a miscarriage.

Their daughters bring light and happiness to their lives, each with their unique personalities and interests. Vanessa and Isaiah cherish every moment with their daughters, nurturing them and supporting them as they navigate through life’s journey together.

Social Media:

Vanessa Rider has a regular presence on social media, sharing updates about her career aspirations, family moments, and personal views into her life. She interacts with her fans and offers insights into her life as a mother, businesswoman, and basketball wife on Instagram under the handle @vanessarider. Vanessa could also be active on other social media sites, such Facebook or Twitter, where she interacts with followers and discusses her experiences.


Age: Vanessa Rider was born on July 15, 1981, making her 42 years old as of 2024.

Background: Vanessa Rider, formerly Vanessa Cassidy, hails from Arizona, USA, where she was raised alongside her sister, Elise Cassidy.

Family: Vanessa is a devoted wife to former NBA player Isaiah Rider, and together they have four children: Kya, Elijah Sunny King, Seven Ling Rider, and another daughter whose details are undisclosed.

Career: Vanessa is a multifaceted individual. Apart from her role as a basketball wife, she is also a shrewd businesswoman, owning a gym called Battleground in Tempe, Arizona. Additionally, she made her mark on reality television by joining the cast of Basketball Wives in Season 11.

Net Worth: Vanessa Rider’s financial portfolio is on the rise, with a net worth exceeding $700,000. She co-owns Battleground AZ with her husband and has plans for expansion, including opening a new location in Los Angeles.


In the world of basketball wives, Vanessa Rider is well-known for her charm, financial savvy, and commitment to her family. Her transformation from a little Arizonan child to a prosperous businesswoman and reality TV personality is quite remarkable. Vanessa’s public profile is enhanced by her involvement in Basketball Wives and her flourishing gym company. Her charisma and genuineness never fail to enthrall audiences.


1.What is Vanessa Rider’s age?

Vanessa Rider was born on July 15, 1981, making her 42 years old as of 2024.

2.Where is Vanessa Rider from?

Vanessa Rider is from Arizona, USA, where she was born and raised.

3.How many children does Vanessa Rider have?

Vanessa Rider has four children: Kya, Elijah Sunny King, Seven Ling Rider, and another daughter whose details are undisclosed.

4.What is Vanessa Rider’s net worth?

Vanessa Rider’s net worth exceeds $700,000, primarily derived from her ownership of the gym Battleground AZ and her role on Basketball Wives.

5.Is Vanessa Rider active on social media?

Yes, Vanessa Rider maintains a regular presence on Instagram under the handle @vanessarider, where she shares updates about her life and interacts with her fans.

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