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Exploring Zion David Marley’s Musical Roots: Bio Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Net Worth, Family And Personal Life…

On August 3, 1997, Zion David Marley was naturally introduced to the world through the endeavors of notable entertainers Lauryn Slope and Rohan Marley. Quarter century old Zion carries on his folks’ surprising inheritance. 

Lauryn Slope, Zion’s mom, is a notable American vocalist and craftsman who is viewed as quite possibly of the most persuasive figure in the music business. Her vocation took off when she joined the distinguished R&B bunch “The Fugees,” who appreciated extraordinary outcome during the 1990s. Perhaps of her most popular creation, “To Zion,” is an impactful tribute to her child.

Who is Zion David Marley?

Zion David Marley, the famous American singer Lauryn Hill’s son, and the son of legendary reggae musician Bob Marley, Rohan, cherish their solitude. Zion likes to remain out of the spotlight and maintain a modest profile despite his distinguished ancestry. He does have a modest online presence on social media sites like Instagram, but he usually keeps things low-key and stays anonymous.


Zion David Marley was up in a musically inclined household and was exposed to music at a young age.He was brought into the world in New York City on November 12, 1998. Zion, who grew up as the nephew of notable artists Damian, Stephen, and Ziggy Marley and the grandson of the late reggae extraordinary Bounce Marley, is no more peculiar to the impact of music in his life. There’s no rejecting that the music business has been influenced for quite a while by the Marley family’s extraordinary melodic history.


Born in South Orange, New Jersey, on August 3, 1997, Zion Marley is an American. 2024 will see him turn 26 years old. Zion, a Leo by birth, embodies many of the traits associated with this sign, including leadership, self-assurance, kindness, and loyalty.

Zion was the most established of five siblings and was constantly encircled by his family while experiencing childhood in South Orange, New Jersey. Zion was brought up in a home where imagination and music were esteemed, and his childhood was improved by his wide ethnic foundation. Zion was presented to many melodic sorts and social impacts since the beginning since his mom, Lauryn Slope, is a notable rapper and vocalist lyricist, and his dad, Rohan Marley, is connected with the late Weave Marley. Any reasonable person would agree that his uncommon youth impacted the interests and character he formed into a grown-up.


Full Real NameZion David Marley
Family NameMarley
ProfessionFamily Member
Date Of BirthNovember 12th, 1998
Age24 years old
BirthdayNovember 12th
Year Of Birth1998
CountryUnited States
FatherRohan Marley
MotherLauryn Hill
BrothersJoshua Omaru Marley, John Nesta Marley
SistersSelah Louise Marley, Sarah Marley
GrandfatherBob Marley
Sun SignScorpio
Birth Sign DualityPassive
Birth Sign ModalityFixed Water
Weight In Kg62
Weight In Lbs136
Height In Feet5’8”
Height In Meter1.65
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
SonsZephaniah Nesta Marley
DaughtersAzariah Genesis Marley
No Of Children2
Marital StatusSingle
Partner NameTania
Relationship StatusGirlfriend
Net Worth$25 million
Source Of IncomeSocial media career

Physical Measurements 

Zion David Marley, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 62 kg, leads a healthy lifestyle. His black hair and dark brown eyes give him an air of confidence. Zion’s dedication to remaining active and in shape is demonstrated by his trim and well-groomed body, even with his hectic schedule.

Years Old 

Starting around 2024, Zion David Marley will be 25 years of age. He was brought into the world on November 12, 1998. He commends his unique day with satisfaction consistently on November 12. Zion, who is American, enjoys incredible his Afro-American foundation. His childhood in a Christian home has imparted in him a significant respect for his social and strict legacy, which has molded his standards and convictions.

Zion David Marley Education 

Particularly when it comes to his schooling, Zion Marley would rather remain anonymous. Although his high school graduation in 2015 is acknowledged, not much is known about his academic background. Despite coming from a well-known musical family with connections to the music business, Zion cherishes his privacy, especially when it comes to his personal and academic pursuits.

Zion David Marley Net Worth 

Zion’s mother Lauryn Hill’s estimated net worth as of 2024 is $9 million. Her expensive tours and brand partnerships from her great singing career are the primary sources of her fortune. Over the years, Lauryn has made over $25 million from album sales, clothing sales, and live performances thanks to her extraordinary ability and inventiveness.

Zion David Marley Career 

Zion’s mom, Lauryn Slope, turned out to be very notable during the 1990s when she was a piece of the R&B bunch The Fugees. During this time, her ability and impact in the music business earned boundless respect. Her child Zion filled in as the motivation for perhaps of her most notable melody, “To Zion,” from the widely praised collection *The Misinformation of Lauryn Hill*. This contacting and notable tune, which features the cozy connection between a mother and her kid, superbly catches the critical impact Zion had on Lauryn’s life.

Private Life 

There are hints of Zion Marley’s engagement in modeling and music, even though his career endeavors are still a little bit hidden. Zion comes from a long history of accomplished musicians, including Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley.

Zion prefers to keep a low profile in public, but his links to talent agencies and sporadic references on social media have raised questions about his modeling endeavors.

Furthermore, it is clear that he loves music. He reportedly enjoys playing the bass and guitar, exhibiting a sincere love for the instrument. It’s unclear, though, to what degree he is involved in the music business outside of his own enjoyment.

Brother & Sister 

Joshua Omaru, John Nesta, Sara, and Selah Louise are the four siblings of David Marley, popularly known as Zion. He also has four half-siblings from the past partnerships of his parents.Despite coming from a well-known family, Zion prefers to lead a quiet life away from the spotlight.

Zion, who is the grandson of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley, is renowned for his illustrious background that has had a profound effect on the music industry and other fields.

Parents Zion David Marley 

Of the five children that Lauryn and Rohan have raised, Zion is the oldest, and they both enjoy raising their family. With boys Joshua Omaru Marley (born January 26, 2002) and John Nesta Marley (born 2003), and daughters Sarah Marley (born 2008) and Selah Louise Marley (born November 12, 1998), their home is a hive of activity.

Zion’s father has three other half-siblings who complete the family dynamic: Eden (born in 1994), Nico (born in 1995), and Maria Fialho Marley (born on August 1, 2019). Micah Hill was born on July 23, 2011, making Zion’s family complete. Micah Hill is his mother’s half-sibling.


Zion David Marley is thrilled to be the proud parent of two stunning children, and he has been with Tania for a long time. They were overwhelmed with love when they welcomed Zephaniah Nesta Marley, a gorgeous son, into their family in February 2017. Then, when their lovely daughter Azariah Genesis Marley was born in March 2021, their happiness multiplied.

For their beloved son and daughter, Zion and Tania have together established a cozy, loving, harmonious, and blissful household.


Zion Marley is the delighted father of two really cute kids. Zephaniah Nesta Marley, his first child, was born in February 2017. Zephaniah, the oldest sibling, will be about 7 years old in 2024 and exudes happiness and vitality typical of a young child.

Zion and Tania, his lifelong partner, welcomed parenthood once more in 2021. When they received their second child, Azariah Genesis Marley, in March of that year, their hearts were filled to the brim with love and happiness. When 2024 rolls around, Azariah will be about 3 years old and will brighten their family’s days with laughter.

Zion values his family’s privacy and would rather not divulge any personal or child-related information to the wider world. He treasures the time he gets to spend alone with his loved ones.

Social Media Presence 

On social media, Zion David Marley doesn’t post frequently. He has accounts on social media sites like Instagram, although he doesn’t post as often as some other famous people. With only a few postings, he maintains a low profile on Instagram with about 48k followers under his username, @ziondmarley.

Zion, who grew up in a well-known musical family, values his privacy and doesn’t feel the need to post details of every part of his life online. Instead of engaging in continual social media contact, he would rather to keep a more private and guarded attitude, concentrating on real connections.


Zion David Marley was born on November 12, 1998, in New York City to Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley.

He is the grandson of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley and the nephew of Damian, Stephen, and Ziggy Marley.

Zion prefers to maintain a modest profile despite his renowned ancestry.

He has a modest online presence on social media platforms like Instagram but tends to keep a low-key public presence.

Zion’s upbringing in a musically inclined household has had a significant influence on his life and interests.

He is known for embodying many of the traits associated with his zodiac sign, Leo, including leadership, self-assurance, and loyalty.

Zion has two children, Zephaniah Nesta Marley and Azariah Genesis Marley, with his longtime partner, Tania.

His family includes four siblings and several half-siblings from his parents’ previous relationships.

Zion values his privacy and prefers not to share personal or child-related information with the public.

Despite his famous lineage, Zion leads a relatively quiet life away from the spotlight.


Zion David Marley, born on November 12, 1998, is the son of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, and the grandson of Bob Marley. Despite his renowned ancestry, Zion prefers to keep a modest profile and values his privacy. He has a limited online presence and tends to lead a quiet life away from the spotlight. Zion’s upbringing in a musically inclined household has influenced his interests, and he is known for embodying traits associated with his zodiac sign, Leo. He is a proud parent of two children with his longtime partner, Tania, and cherishes his family’s privacy.


1.Who are Zion David Marley’s parents?

Zion David Marley’s parents are Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley.

2.How many children does Zion David Marley have?

Zion David Marley has two children, Zephaniah Nesta Marley and Azariah Genesis Marley.

3.What is Zion David Marley’s net worth?

Zion David Marley’s net worth is not publicly disclosed.

4.Does Zion David Marley have siblings?

Yes, Zion David Marley has four siblings and several half-siblings from his parents’ previous relationships.

5.What is Zion David Marley known for?

Zion David Marley is known for being the grandson of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley and for his modest profile despite his renowned ancestry.

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