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Who is Luh Tyler: The Biography of the Rapper on the Rise,His Height, Age, Career, Net Worth, and More…

Luh Tyler, also known as Luh Meeks, is an American rapper and songwriter who has made a name for himself in the music industry. Despite his young age, he has already achieved significant success with a string of hit singles such as “Law & Order,” “Fat Racks,” “Back Fillipin,” and “A Day in NOYA.” Although his true identity and age are unknown, Luh Tyler was born and reared in the United States. It is said that he will soon reach 16 years old. His distinct style and poetic ability have captured people’ attention despite his youth. Luh Tyler is a rising star in the rap scene who expands with each new album. His ability, commitment, and difficult work have without a doubt added to his prosperity, and he doesn’t appear to be dialing back any time soon. As he continues to make waves in the music world, watch this potential young artist’s future unfold.

 Luh Tyler Height: 

Luh Tyler’s height of five feet six inches (168 cm) reflects his youthful appearance and exuberance. Although not very tall, this feature adds to his captivating on-stage demeanor and helps him establish a real connection with audiences. Luh Tyler has a small height, but his athletic and slender physique complements it, suggesting that he is committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. His height and physical attributes highlight his status as a rising star in the music business, drawing admirers in with his distinct combination of skill and fresh appeal.

Who is Luh Tyler?

Have you kept up with the most recent rumors about Luh Tyler? With his contagious songs and tremendous talent, this up-and-coming star is causing waves in the rap world. Fans of 18-year-old Luh Tyler are clamoring for more of his engaging music because he has already attained extraordinary popularity.

Originally from Florida, this musician was known as Tyler Meeks and rose to fame in the music business quite rapidly. Listeners of many ages are drawn to Luh Tyler’s distinctive sound, which blends elements of trap music and hip-hop. Though he’s becoming more well-known, Luh Tyler is not what he seems.

 Let’s examine his past, true name, net worth, and the intriguing journey that brought him this far.


Introducing Tyler Meeks, also known as Luh Tyler, a budding rap artist.February 20, 2006, saw the birth of the talented rapper and artist Luh Tyler in Tallahassee, Florida. 

He specializes in hip hop and trap music. He’s presently contracted to Atlantic Records because to the label’s interest in his distinctive beat-lyric combination. 

In addition to being a musician, Luh Tyler is a devout Christian and a Pisces. His mixed ancestry, which includes Caucasian and African American ancestry, gives his artwork depth and complexity. Luh Tyler is leaving his imprint on the dynamic music business scene with his bright career trajectory.

Early Life And Childhood:

It wasn’t easy for Luh Tyler growing up.He was raised in a hard environment and only had his mother to care for him, thus he had to overcome many challenging challenges at an early age. Throughout his early years, Tyler faced several difficulties, such as poverty, bullying, and even being around violence. Despite these obstacles, he found solace and support in his passion for music, which ultimately became his ray of light during dark days.


Real NameTyler Meeks
NicknameLuh Tyler
ProfessionRapper and songwriter
Age (as of 2024)18 years old
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 2006
BirthplaceTallahassee, Florida, USA
HometownTallahassee, Florida, USA
Zodiac SignPisces
CollegeDid not attend yet
HobbiesTraveling and Music
Famous ForRap Music
2022Met Layla on Instagram
2022Confirmed relationship with kissing photo
Present DayConsidering marriage and has purchased a ring
Age (as of 2024)18 years old
Height5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight110 lbs (50 kg)
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size7 (US)
Body MeasurementsUnknown
Distinctive FeaturesCross tattoo (left arm), Heart tattoo (right hand)

Luh Tyler Age: 

Prepare to meet the most current star in the rap world, Luh Tyler! This 18-year-old rapper from Florida is ascending to popularity in the music business and is anticipated to be an individual from the 2024 XXL Rookie Class.

But Luh Tyler had lowly beginnings before he became well-known. Let’s look back at Florida’s most stylish eighteen-year-old rapper’s path, from his pre-famous days to his ascent to fame on the XXL Freshman cover.

 Luh Tyler Education: 

Let me introduce Luh Tyler, the newest sensation on the rap industry! This 18-year-old rapper from Florida has become extremely popular and earned a coveted seat in the exclusive 2024 XXL Freshman Class. But Luh Tyler had a road full of setbacks and victories before he was well-known. Come along as we delve into the fascinating tale of Florida’s most stylish 18-year-old rapper, from his modest upbringing to his swift ascent to fame on the cover of XXL Freshman.

Luh Tyler’s Versatility as an Artist:

Luh Tyler’s ability to smoothly integrate many musical styles is what has allowed him to rise to fame so quickly. Tyler has a wide spectrum of fans that connect with his diversity, whether he’s delivering pop, hip-hop, or his own special spin.

His breakthrough was the release of his first mixtape, “My Vision,” which featured joint projects with well-known musicians including BabyTron and NoCap. 

The buzz surrounding the reloaded version, featuring Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert, only propelled Tyler’s career to new heights, leaving fans eager for more.

 Luh Tyler Career: 

Luh Tyler started off small by posting his songs and freestyle rap sessions on YouTube before rising to fame as a rapper. As his following developed, he made more of an appearance on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, where Atlantic Records became interested in his work.

In 2022, Luh took advantage of the opportunity and signed with Atlantic Records, making him one of their newest artists. His most memorable tune, “Luh Me,” immediately turned out to be notable when it was delivered in Walk 2022 and amassed north of 100 million tunes in on Spotify and YouTube. Based on his success, he continued to release singles like “Luh You,”

“Luh Life,” and “Luh Money” and collaborated with well-known artists like Post Malone, Doja Cat, and Lil Nas X. His appearances at significant celebrations like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Moving Clearly additionally solidified his rising to fame. Luh’s achievements were recognized when he won praises including the Announcement Music Grant and the MTV Video Music Grant. “Luh World,” his debut album, was praised by critics and nominated for a Grammy.

Luh Tyler’s striking achievements have procured him an exceptionally pursued opening on the Forbes 30 Under 30 rundown. Fans are enthusiastically anticipating Luh Tyler’s next part in his staggering profession, as his sophomore collection is booked for discharge in the not so distant future.

 Luh Tyler Net Worth:

By 2024, the notable rapper Luh Tyler will have collected a total assets of $1.5 million through his music profession, visits, and underwriting bargains. Aside from his imaginative undertakings, Luh has fiddled with business possession with his clothing and embellishment brand, Luh Wear, which he publicizes on his own site.

Luh has an extravagant way of life, residing in lavish homes in New York City and Los Angeles. Notable for his affection for extravagance, he appreciates gathering top of the line vehicles like Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris to show his rich taste. Luh’s affection for design is evident in his closet, which is supplied with very good quality things from Versace and Gucci.

He enhances himself with striking precious stone and gold adornments, every now and again exhibiting his gaudy feeling of taste via web-based entertainment. Luh and his partner Layla love to travel the world and visit interesting places. Luh’s movements grandstand his energy for extravagance and revelation, whether he is investigating the clamoring cityscapes of Tokyo, the rich excellence of Dubai, or the beguiling roads of Paris.

Personal Life:

Luh Tyler has won some amazing endorsement deals and interesting relationships with leading businesses as his profile continues to rise. Luh doesn’t hesitate to indulge his appetite for the best things in life, even with his newfound fortune.

Known for his taste in luxury, Luh Tyler owns opulent houses in both New York City and Los Angeles and has made some amazing real estate investments. Luh boasts an incredible selection of high-end vehicles, including gorgeous Rolls-Royces, eye-catching Ferraris, and aggressive Lamborghinis. 

But his luxury doesn’t end there.

Luh Tyler is constantly ahead of the curve in terms of style. He usually dons the newest designs from high-end labels like Versace and Gucci. Not to mention the wonderful pieces in his superb jewelry line.set with priceless jewels, including diamonds.

Luh’s business energy, nevertheless, extends beyond her work in design and music. He is also the creative mind of Luh Wear, his own clothing line that offers stylish apparel and accessories that perfectly embody his unique sense of style.

Luh Tyler is one of the most well-known and successful young stars in the industry, and his net worth is growing gradually as a result of his great career and range of commercial ventures.

Brother & Sister: 

The more youthful sister of rapper Tyler Meeks, McKenzie Meeks, is quickly turning out to be notable via online entertainment on account of her connecting with TikTok recordings and maturing melodic profession. McKenzie, a Tallahassee, Florida local, has a sizable fan base; she has 34.1k Instagram devotees and 59.8k TikTok supporters.

Although she sometimes includes her brother in her posts, some fans have misinterpreted their tight friendship for a romantic one, which has led to allegations. But after Tyler posted a picture of himself flashing some cash on Facebook, some started to wonder whether McKenzie was only interested in her brother’s money. Despite the rumors, McKenzie is nonetheless a rising star in her own right, enthralling audiences with her charisma and skill.

 Luh Tyler Family: 

When life threw its curveballs, Luh Tyler found solace in music.By transforming his hardships into poetry and rhythms, he found a love that filled his entire being. Motivated by icons such as Lil Wayne, Drake, and Eminem, he refined his skills and created a very own sound.

Tyler’s family has supported him no matter what along his adventure. His sister McKenzie Meeks also aspires to be a musician, and the two have forged a close-knit group, frequently combining their skills in joint endeavors. Tyler’s mother has also been his mentor behind the scenes, overseeing every facet of his emerging profession with steadfast support and commitment.


Tyler’s love story with Layla is straight out of a modern-day fairytale. Their romance sparked on Instagram in 2022, where they hit it off instantly. After countless chats and shared laughs,They also planted a kiss that was captured on camera to demonstrate their undying love for one another.

Tyler and Layla began dating not long after, and they frequently express their affection and backing for each other via online entertainment. Whether they are posturing for pictures or showing up in music recordings, they are each other’s most ardent followers.

Because of their friendship’s authenticity and chemistry, many are charmed with it.

Tyler isn’t scared to express his love for Layla and puts all of his feelings into his songs. Glancing down at the ring he’s holding, he’s ready to take their romance a step further.

He states that he is dedicated to creating a life with Layla that is full of love, fidelity, and unflinching dedication.

 Luh Tyler Sons: 

His work as a rapper and composer, together with his relationship with Layla, are what have made him most famous. In the event that there are any further updates or child-related developments, Luh Tyler or reliable sources will probably announce them.

Social Media: 

In the present computerized time, online entertainment has turned into a crucial device for specialists to interface with their fans and proposition a brief look into their day to day routines. Luh Tyler has enthusiastically adopted this platform, fully comprehending its significance. Across different channels, he keeps a functioning presence to draw in with his consistently extending fanbase. You can track down Luh Tyler on his site, where he shares selective substance and updates about his music. On TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Friction, he goes by the handle @luhtyler, where he shares everything from in the background minutes in the studio to real depictions of his own life. Through these stages, Luh Tyler doesn’t simply share his music; he likewise collaborates with his fans, answering their messages and making a feeling of local area around his work. His virtual entertainment presence has been vital in his excursion to fame, permitting him to manufacture certifiable associations with his crowd and construct a committed following enthusiastically expecting his best course of action.


  • Luh Tyler stands at a height of five feet six inches (168 cm), which reflects his youthful appearance and exuberance.
  • Despite not being very tall, his height adds to his captivating on-stage demeanor, helping him establish a real connection with audiences.
  • Luh Tyler’s small stature is complemented by his athletic and slender physique, indicating his commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • His height and physical attributes highlight his status as a rising star in the music business, drawing admirers in with his distinct combination of skill and fresh appeal.


American rapper and composer Luh Tyler, better known by his stage name Luh Meeks, has become well-known in the music business quite rapidly. Despite being young, he has had a lot of success with hits like “A Day in NOYA” and “Law & Order.” Luh Tyler, born Tyler Meeks on February 20, 2006, in Tallahassee, Florida, has drawn notice with her unique style and literary abilities. His height of five feet six inches reflects his charm and young vigor.


1.How tall is Luh Tyler?

Luh Tyler stands at a height of five feet six inches (168 cm).

Despite not being very tall, Luh Tyler’s height adds to his captivating on-stage demeanor, helping him establish a real connection with audiences.

2.What is Luh Tyler’s physique like?

Luh Tyler has an athletic and slender physique, indicating his commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle despite his small height.

3.How does Luh Tyler’s height contribute to his status as a rising star?

Luh Tyler’s height, along with his physical attributes, highlights his status as a rising star in the music business, drawing admirers in with his distinct combination of skill and fresh appeal.

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