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DDG Net Worth: Early life, Education, Age, Height, Personal life, Family, Career, And More


Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., otherwise called DDG, is an American rapper, artist, musician, and YouTube character. Brought into the world on October 10, 1997, in Pontiac, Michigan, DDG has cut out a critical presence in the computerized and music world. His excursion to popularity started in 2014 on YouTube, and his vocation has since bloomed into different rewarding endeavors, including a flourishing music profession, a fruitful YouTube channel, and enterprising undertakings.

Net Worth

Starting around 2024, DDG’s total assets is projected to be around $15 million. This noteworthy figure is the aftereffect of his different income transfers, including music deals, YouTube promotion income, stock deals, sponsorships, and brand bargains. His pioneering adventures, especially the foundation of Zooted Music, have likewise assumed a vital part in his monetary achievement.

Early Life and Instruction

DDG was brought up in Pontiac, Michigan. Experiencing childhood in a blessed with a gift for music family, his dad was a sound designer, which presented him to music early on. This early openness lighted his energy for music and amusement. DDG’s childhood in Pontiac, a city known for its dynamic culture, assumed a huge part in molding his creative persona.


DDG went to the Worldwide Tech Institute, where he succeeded scholastically and graduated as the valedictorian of his group. His scholastic ability procured him a spot at Focal Michigan College, where he started his advanced education. In any case, the draw of an expanding vocation in computerized content creation and music demonstrated areas of strength for excessively. Finding that he could make a significant pay from his YouTube channel, DDG settled on the strong choice to exit school and seek after his fantasies full-time.

The Ascent of a YouTube Star

DDG’s YouTube venture started in 2014. At first, he shared recordings archiving his life, difficulties, tricks, and responses, which immediately got some forward momentum. His magnetic character and engaging substance resounded with a developing crowd, assisting him with gathering a huge following. When he moved on from secondary school in 2015, his channel’s ubiquity had soar.

Taking the Jump

In 2016, DDG chose to leave school in the wake of understanding the capability of his YouTube profit, which had reached around $30,000 each month. He moved to Hollywood, California, to drench himself in media outlets completely. This move denoted the start of another section in his life, permitting him to zero in completely on making content and investigating his melodic gifts.

Starting Advances

DDG’s change from a YouTube star to a music craftsman started with the arrival of a few singles and diss tracks. His melody “Large Boat,” a diss track focused on Lil Yachty, collected huge consideration. In 2016, he delivered tracks like “Balenciagas” and “Free Gatherings,” which were created with the assistance of Zaytoven. These early deliveries exhibited his true capacity and assisted him with building a name in the music business.

Marking with Epic Records

In 2018, DDG’s music profession took a huge jump forward when he endorsed with Epic Records. This association extended his crowd and gave the assets expected to create top notch music. One of his significant hits, “Contentions,” was guaranteed Gold by the RIAA, hardening his situation as a rising star in the music world.

Advancement Hit

DDG’s profession arrived at new levels with the arrival of “Moonwalking in Calabasas,” highlighting Blueface. The track turned into a huge hit, gathering more than 200 million streams and entering the Bulletin Hot 100. The melody’s prosperity denoted a significant second in his vocation, exhibiting his capacity to make standard hits.

Extending Skylines

In 2020, DDG made one more huge stride by sending off his own record mark, Zooted Music, close by his chiefs Dimitri Hurt and Eric O’Connor. This move showed his pioneering soul and permitted him to have more noteworthy command over his music vocation. The foundation of Zooted Music likewise gave a stage to finding and supporting new ability.

Individual Life

DDG’s own life has frequently been at the center of attention, especially his connections. In 2022, he started dating Halle Bailey, an acclaimed artist and entertainer known for her work in the R&B team Chloe x Halle. Their relationship pulled in significant consideration, with fans and media intently following their excursion together. DDG and Halle Bailey have been seen together at different high-profile occasions, including the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars all-nighter.


DDG experienced childhood in an affectionate family with four kin. He has a more youthful sister, Tee, who is likewise a notable character on YouTube. The lamentable passing of his sibling Name Extension in 2014 profoundly impacted him and his loved ones. Notwithstanding the difficulties, DDG’s family has stayed a wellspring of help and motivation for him all through his vocation.

Vocation Features

DDG’s initial accomplishment on YouTube established the groundwork for his multi-layered profession. His drawing in satisfied areas of strength for and with his crowd assisted him with building a dedicated fan base. This underlying achievement gave him the monetary strength and certainty to seek after his music vocation.

Significant Accomplishments

Marking with Epic Records was a defining moment for DDG. It approved his ability as well as opened ways to new open doors. The arrival of “Contentions” and its resulting Gold affirmation denoted his most memorable significant accomplishment in the music business. The progress of “Moonwalking in Calabasas” further established his status as a conspicuous music craftsman.


In 2022, DDG’s effect on the music scene was perceived when he was remembered for Forbes’ esteemed 30 Under 30 rundown for artists. This award featured his critical commitments to the business and highlighted his true capacity for proceeded with progress.

Zooted Music

The foundation of Zooted Music in 2020 was an essential move that displayed DDG’s business sharpness. By making his own record name, he extended his income streams as well as situated himself as a forerunner in the business. Zooted Music intends to find and advance new ability, giving a stage to hopeful specialists to thrive.

Product and Brand Arrangements

Notwithstanding his music and YouTube profit, DDG has effectively wandered into stock deals and brand associations. His apparel line has contributed fundamentally to his total assets, and his solid online entertainment presence has drawn in worthwhile sponsorships and brand bargains. These endeavors have expanded his pay sources and upgraded his monetary solidness.

Future Possibilities

Given his proceeded with progress and growing prominence, DDG’s total assets is probably going to increment before very long. His capacity to enhance and adjust to recent fads in media outlets positions him for supported development. As he keeps on delivering new music, grow his undertakings, and draw in with his crowd, his monetary possibilities stay promising.


DDG’s YouTube channel, PontiacMadeDDG Video blogs, stays a foundation of his web-based presence. With a large number of endorsers, his channel keeps on drawing in huge viewership. His substance, which incorporates video blogs, music recordings, and way of life posts, keeps his crowd drew in and associated with his excursion.

Instagram and TikTok

DDG’s impact stretches out to other web-based entertainment stages, including Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram, where he goes by @ddg, he shares refreshes about his life, vocation, and individual minutes with his supporters. His TikTok account, @pontiacmadeddg, highlights a blend of engaging recordings, music bits, and intuitive substance that resounds with his fans.

The Effect of “Moonwalking in Calabasas”

Social Impact

The progress of “Moonwalking in Calabasas” had a critical social effect. The melody’s snappy beat and significant verses resounded with a wide crowd, pursuing it a well known decision for online entertainment difficulties and dance patterns. Its prosperity on streaming stages and the Bulletin Hot 100 highlighted DDG’s capacity to make music that rises above kinds and requests to a different crowd.

Development and Inventiveness

DDG’s endeavor to film a music video in zero gravity for “Moonwalking in Calabasas” showed his imaginative soul. While the aggressive undertaking presented critical difficulties, it featured his ability to push innovative limits and investigation with novel thoughts. This approach has charmed him to fans who value his creativity and devotion to his specialty.


DDG’s excursion from a secondary school valedictorian in Pontiac, Michigan, to a multimillionaire music craftsman and YouTube star is a demonstration of his ability, assurance, and pioneering soul. His capacity to succeed in various spaces, including music, computerized content creation, and business, has situated him as an unmistakable figure in media outlets. As he proceeds to develop and enhance, DDG’s impact and achievement are supposed to develop, making him an amazing powerhouse in the years to come.

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