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Best Player Squad Building Challenges In FC 24: June 2024

The month of June was a successful run for EA and FC 24, despite the mass drop in players at the start. We finally got to see EA listen to their player base by improving rewards for both Rivals and FUT Champs, and saw the release of the Festival Of Football as part of the Euro promo, which introduced many exciting Squad Building Challenges.

SBCs are a great way to improve a player’s squad without having to spend money. We are going to look back at some of the best Player SBCs released in FC 24 in the month of June. Let’s get started!

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Make Your Mark Alejandro Garnacho: 500,000

Players have seriously missed out if they did not complete this SBC. With a finesse shot that will go in every time, and 4 FC 24 Playstyle Pluses in his arsenal, Alejandro Garnacho is our top pick for the best FIFA Player SBC in June.

The requirements for Alejandro Garnacho’s squad building challenge are as follows:

  • one 87-rated squad with a minimum of 1 Team Of The Season or Team Of The Week and a minimum of 1 player from the Premier League
  • one 88-rated squad with 1 FC 24 TOTS or TOTW
  • one 89-rated squad, and one 90-rated squad.

The squad requirements were a bit high, but they were definitely worth it.

Make Your Mark Xavi Simmons: 285,000

Another SBC player that is now seen in most gamers’ squads, Xavi Simmons was one of the best valued SBCs released in June. A 95 rated player from the Netherlands who can play both the position of CAM and winger, Xavi also has 4 FC 24 Playstyle Pluses: Technical, Trivela, Rapid, and Dead Ball.

In order to acquire Xavi Simmons, players were required to submit 1 86 rated squad with minimum 1 player from the Netherlands, 1 87 rated squad with 1 TOTS or TOTW player along with 1 player from the Bundesliga, 1 88 rated squad with a TOTS or TOTW, and finally an 89 rated squad.

Make Your Mark Arda Güler: 139,000

The star player for Türkiye who scored an amazing finesse shot against Georgia in this year’s Euro got his own Make Your Mark card, attainable through his SBC. Arda’s primary position is CAM, but he can also play RW and CM. His 4 FIFA Playstyles include Incisive Pass, which is one of the most sought out EA Sports FC 24 Playstyles in a Midfielder.

Arda Guler has the cheapest SBC requirements out of the 3, with only 1 86 rated and 1 88 rated squad required.

These were our picks for the best Player SBCs released in the month of June. Which one of these did you complete? Let us know in the comments below! Enhance your FIFA gameplay with FIFA coins Xbox One from U7BUY.

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