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Amanda Moye Brown, otherwise called Leanne Wassell, is without a doubt a charming figure inside the American media scene. Her union with entertainer Wes Earthy colored adds one more layer of interest, given his own approval in TV and film. In spite of their noticeable quality, Amanda has figured out how to keep a generally confidential individual life, a unique case in the present period of consistent public examination.

While Amanda has made commitments to media outlets, the particulars of her vocation remain to some degree tricky, demonstrating her inclination for protection in regards to both her own and proficient undertakings.

Her relationship with Wes Brown has gathered consideration from the two fans and media the same. Wes’ prominent jobs in different Network programs and films, including “Genuine Blood” and “Hart of Dixie,” have without a doubt added to their common spotlight. However, in the midst of their bustling timetables, two or three has kept areas of strength for a confidential bond, exhibiting their qualities and relationship elements.

Basically, Amanda Moye Earthy colored’s mix of expert accomplishments and her job as Wes Earthy colored’s accomplice puts her in the public eye, yet she keeps on exploring her public presence with an exemplary degree of protection and beauty.

Who Is Amanda Moye Brown?

Amanda Moye Brown, frequently perceived as the life partner of entertainer James Wesley Brown, expertly known as Wes Brown, holds a critical spot in American circles. Wes Brown, situated in Los Angeles, has become famous as an entertainer and maker, procuring praise for his jobs in well known TV series, for example, “Genuine Blood,” “Hart of Dixie,” and “Trickiness.” His flexibility and ability have likewise radiated through in television motion pictures including “June in January,” “A Show on the Level,” and “Love Starts,” among others.

While Amanda Moye Brown is essentially known through her relationship with Wes Brown, she personally is a remarkable figure inside media outlets. Regardless of her associations and unmistakable quality, she has handily kept a degree of protection around her own life, separating her from numerous in the public eye. This harmony between open acknowledgment and individual tact features her adroitness in exploring the frequently meddlesome nature of the diversion world.

Wes Earthy colored’s vocation is set apart by his convincing exhibitions and his capacity to draw in crowds across different classes. His work in series like “Genuine Blood” impelled him to the bleeding edge of the business, while his parts in Trademark Station motion pictures have hardened his status as a flexible and cherished entertainer.

Together, Amanda and Wes Brown address an extraordinary pair in media outlets, with Amanda’s in the background impact and Wes’ on-screen beguile making a balanced and fascinating public persona. In spite of the public’s advantage in their lives, they have figured out how to keep their hidden life safeguarded from the spotlight, a demonstration of their obligation to individual protection in the midst of their expert accomplishments.

Amanda Moye Brown Biography

Amanda Moye Brown, previously a chief at Disney ABC TV Gathering, is an American of White nationality. While she has set up a good foundation for herself inside media outlets through her expert undertakings, she is maybe most popular as the mate of entertainer James Wesley “Wes” Brown. Wes Brown has earned huge praise for his acting jobs in famous TV series, for example, “Genuine Blood,” “Hart of Dixie,” and “Misdirection,” as well as in different television motion pictures including “June in January,” “A Show on the Level,” and “Love Starts.”

Notwithstanding her contribution in media outlets, Amanda Moye Brown keeps a position of safety with respect to her own life. She has effectively kept insights regarding her childhood and family foundation private, a remarkable accomplishment thinking about her and her better half’s open profiles. This attentiveness highlights her inclination for isolating her expert and individual lives.

Wes Brown, situated in Los Angeles, has fabricated a fruitful profession as an entertainer and maker, procuring a devoted fan base through his different jobs in both series and made-for-TV films. His work has been generally welcomed, especially his exhibitions in different Trademark Channel creations, which have charmed him to a wide crowd.

Together, Amanda and Wes Brown explore the difficulties of media outlets while keeping their own lives generally out of the public eye. Amanda’s past job at Disney ABC TV Gathering features her expert foundation in the business, adding to her comprehension and the board of the public spotlight that goes with her better half’s acting profession.

Amanda Moye Brown Wiki

Full NameAmanda Moye Brown
Date of Birth16th March 1976
Age46 years (as of 2022)
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Current ResidenceBeverly Hills, United States of America
Zodiac SignPisces
Height (in feet)5’ 8”
Height (in centimeters)172
Weight (in pounds)121
Weight (in kilograms)55
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourHazel
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJames Wesley “Wes” Brown
ProfessionFormer coordinator at Disney ABC Television Group

Early Life and Education

Amanda Moye Earthy colored remains eminently confidential about her own life, making it trying to uncover insights regarding her experience. It is realized that she was brought into the world in the US, yet data about her childhood stays undisclosed.

Since the beginning, Amanda held onto a particular interest in the media and media outlet, looking to work inside it in some limit. Her family offered unfaltering help, empowering her goals and assisting her with exploring the way toward her profession.

While it is affirmed that Amanda is an alumni, the particulars of her instructive foundation —, for example, her major and the organization she joined in — are not openly accessible. This absence of point by point data adds to the secret encompassing her own set of experiences. Should Amanda decide to share more about herself later on, it would without a doubt be invited by those inspired by her story.

Expertly, Amanda has made huge commitments to the diversion area, remarkably filling in as a facilitator at Disney ABC TV Gathering. Her profession achievements, combined with her job as the companion of entertainer Wes Brown, feature her noticeable quality inside the business. Notwithstanding her public affiliations, Amanda’s capacity to keep up with her security highlights her inclination for keeping her own life separate from her expert undertakings.

Amanda Moye Brown Age

Amanda Moye Brown, a previous diversion figure, is presently 46 years of age starting around 2022. Brought into the world on Walk 16, 1976, she falls under the Pisces zodiac sign. Regardless of her contribution in media outlets and her union with entertainer Wes Brown, Amanda has kept a critical degree of security about her own life.

Her experience incorporates a noticeable job as a chief at Disney ABC TV Gathering, mirroring her longstanding interest in the media and diversion areas. In any case, explicit insights concerning her childhood, training, and family remain generally undisclosed. This circumspection adds to the interest encompassing her life, with numerous perspectives staying a secret to the general population. Should Amanda decide to share more about her own excursion, it would without a doubt be of extraordinary interest to her fans and the media.

Amanda Moye Brown Height & Weight

Remaining at 5 feet 8 inches (172 centimeters) tall and weighing roughly 121 pounds (55 kilograms), Amanda Moye Brown is a previous showbiz character referred to for her job as a chief at Disney ABC TV Gathering. She has hazel eyes and normally earthy colored hair, which she frequently colors blonde.

Notwithstanding her expert achievements, Amanda is a given mother of one. Notwithstanding her public job and union with entertainer James Wesley “Wes” Brown, she has figured out how to keep numerous parts of her own life, including her family and childhood, out of the spotlight. This harmony between her public presence and confidential life highlights her inclination for keeping a degree of individual security while supporting her better half’s fruitful vocation in media outlets.

Amanda Moye Brown Career

Amanda Moye Earthy colored’s vocation has to be sure to a great extent stayed unnoticed, with restricted data accessible about her expert achievements. Known to have worked at Disney ABC TV Gathering, explicit insights concerning her jobs and accomplishments there are not generally uncovered. This absence of point by point profession data adds to her picture as a confidential individual, zeroing in on her own and day to day life as opposed to looking for the spotlight.

Her union with entertainer Wes Brown frequently eclipses her singular accomplishments. Wes Brown is especially perceived for his part in “Genuine Blood” and has made critical commitments across different classes, including sentiment, spine chiller, parody, and secret. His striking works incorporate “Some time ago,” “Duplicity,” “Hart of Dixie,” “Love Starts,” and various Trademark Station motion pictures.

Amanda’s inclination for a more confidential persona diverges from her better half’s open conspicuousness. She has effectively avoided tales or discussions, keeping a calm and low-profile presence in the public eye. This circumspection permits her to help her significant other’s vocation while keeping her own life protected from the frequently meddling nature of media investigation.

AIs She Married?

Amanda Moye Brown and Wes Brown traded promises in a wonderful service on Walk 3, 2008. The beautiful wedding occurred in Cudgel Rouge, Louisiana, US, denoting the start of their coexistence as a wedded couple.

Wes Brown has acquired acknowledgment for his parts in different movies and network shows. A portion of his remarkable works incorporate “Christmas at Graceland,” “Love Under the Stars,” “Double dealing,” “Tempest War,” and “Sometime in the distant past.” His flexibility as an entertainer has permitted him to succeed across various classifications, making him a profoundly regarded figure in media outlets.

Notwithstanding his acting gifts, Wes is likewise a talented performer. He is a capable guitarist, vocalist musician, and achieved piano player. His melodic capacities were displayed during a 2019 meeting with the Trademark Channel, where he played out a staggering piece for the watchers. This mix of acting and melodic ability features Wes’ complex imaginative capacities, further upgrading his allure and notoriety inside the business.

Amanda Moye Brown Net Worth

Amanda Moye Earthy colored drives a prosperous way of life, as confirmed by looks into her own life. Previously utilized as a chief at Disney ABC TV Gathering, she has ignited significant hypothesis in regards to her total assets, in spite of the fact that she likes to keep such subtleties hidden. In view of accessible data, her total assets is assessed to be around $400,000.

Gathering a huge total assets ordinarily shows a fruitful vocation direction. Amanda’s expert accomplishments, especially her job at Disney ABC TV Gathering, support this gauge. While she might have moved away from the expert spotlight, she presently commits her opportunity to her family, especially zeroing in on bringing up her kid.

Notwithstanding her confidential nature, incidental looks at her fabulous way of life arise, particularly when she ventures. Paparazzi as often as possible catch Amanda and her better half, Wes Brown, as they gain enduring experiences together. Wes, known for his conspicuous acting vocation, essentially adds to their family’s riches.

Amanda and Wes own a home in California esteemed at $570,000, further mirroring their agreeable way of life. While explicit insights regarding Amanda’s yearly pay stay undisclosed, it is clear that she partakes in an existence of extravagance. Her choice to keep a position of safety doesn’t lessen the extravagant and satisfying life she leads close by her friends and family.

Facts about Amanda Moye Brown:

  1. Amanda Moye Brown is a previous figure in media outlets, referred to for her job as a leader at Disney ABC TV Gathering.
  2. She was brought into the world on Walk 16, 1976, making her a Pisces as per the zodiac.
  3. Amanda is hitched to entertainer James Wesley “Wes” Brown, with whom she secured the bunch on Walk 3, 2008, in Stick Rouge, Louisiana.
  4. In spite of her expert accomplishments, Amanda keeps a confidential individual life, keeping insights regarding her childhood, schooling, and family generally undisclosed.
  5. She is a committed mother of one, zeroing in on bringing up her kid while supporting her better half’s effective profession in media outlets.
  6. Amanda’s total assets is assessed to be around $400,000, mirroring her agreeable way of life and commitments to the family’s abundance close by her significant other.

Summary of Amanda Moye Brown:

Amanda Moye Brown is a previous media outlet chief known for her job at Disney ABC TV Gathering. Brought into the world in 1976, she wedded entertainer Wes Brown in 2008 and has since carried on with a confidential individual existence while supporting her better half’s effective profession. Regardless of restricted public data about her experience and expert accomplishments, Amanda is perceived for her commitment to her family and her commitments to their agreeable way of life.


What is Amanda Moye Brown known for?

Amanda Moye Brown is referred to for her job as a chief at Disney ABC TV Gathering and as the spouse of entertainer Wes Brown.

When did Amanda Moye Brown get hitched?

Amanda Moye Earthy colored wedded entertainer Wes Brown on Walk 3, 2008.

What is Amanda Moye Earthy colored’s total assets?

Amanda Moye Earthy colored’s total assets is assessed to be around $400,000.

What number of youngsters does Amanda Moye Brown have?

Amanda Moye Brown is known to be a mother of one youngster.

What is Amanda Moye Earthy colored’s proficient foundation?

Amanda Moye Brown functioned as a leader at Disney ABC TV Gathering, yet unambiguous insights regarding her expert accomplishments are restricted.

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