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5 Steps to Writing the Perfect Personal Essay

If you are a student and got admitted to a new school or college. Suppose your teacher allots you a task to write a personal essay if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start the personal essay. So, you come to the right place because in this guide we explain how to write it. Writing about yourself is easy to do when you know the main steps of the essay in mind

A personal essay is a part of writing that describes an important lesson collected from your life experiences. The essay can describe an important event from a first-person perspective and can be done in various writing styles, like a formal essay or creative nonfiction. In a personal essay is common to use a conversational tone that connects with your reader.

Personal essays include a variety of different subject matters. This can be about the first time you failed an exam in high school, a family member, a moral turning point, a war experience abroad, a survivor of abuse, or a teacher who changed the way you feel about literature and the way you are now.

Our professional explains the steps to writing the perfect personal essay.

Step of Writing Personal Essay 

The personal essay explains all about yourself and many people get confused about how to write it that is why we make steps that will assist in writing it well. 

  • Find new ideas and inspiration 
  • Understand the composition of the essay 
  • Use appropriate voice for essays and verbs 
  • Be consistent with your point of view.
  • Use your concepts 

Let’s explore the steps one by one 

Find New Ideas and Inspiration 

It is impossible to compose a personal essay without self-awareness. If you are trapped on what to write about, look to some of these ideas and inspiration:

  • By seeing the personal statement examples make a list of ideas and think about the ideas and possibilities of your essay. As a personal essay is autobiographical, so do not write about anything that is not true.
  • Try to write with the consciousness. When you are writing a personal essay, you have to start writing whatever is on your mind and not stop anything. Even if ideas are not connected.
  • You have to do a little research paper topics. You have to search for personal essay examples and browse according to your interests and you can get the creative concepts flowing and lead to feel good. Spend some time reflecting on your thoughts and the topics you wish to write about.

Don’t be fearful to ask your supervisor what they are looking for. If you are still not sure about what to write, go to your instructor for ideas or a more exact prompt.

Understand the Composition of the Essay 

When you start writing an essay, you have to remind yourself of basic essay composition. All the essays have three parts includes an introduction, body information, and conclusion. Start your essay by making a hook at the start of your essay. After the hook, use the introductory paragraph to plan the subject of your essay. From the start, your readers should be able to tell where the rest of your work is going. The body is made up of one or more paragraphs that explain what you are talking about. And in the conclusion paragraph, you have to end your essay and summarize all the information in your personal essay.

Use Appropriate Voice For Essays And Verbs 

When you are writing the essay, grammar, quality of your work and the voice you choose are most important. There are two types of voices that you can use the author’s voice and the voice of verbs.  One of the most important things your which voice you have used in your personal essay because it should be your storytelling style. They will be looking for the characteristics that make you unique. It is because it works as nonfiction, your voice should be reliable.

The Voice of verbs has a voice that is entirely different from the author’s voice. When the subject of your sentence is acting on the verb or doing the action, you are using the active voice; when the subject is just receiving the action, you are using the passive voice.

Be Consistent With Your Point Of View

It is that your point of view should be consistent with your personal essay. It should be always written in the first tense, using the pronouns I, and we to tell the readers what happened. You have to only explain your thoughts and feelings unless you know for sure what another person is feeling or thinking. It can also be written in the past because it explains something that you experienced. Your coursework help instructor wants you to express your real experience that teaches you about something.

Use your Vocabulary 

You have to use your vocabulary to explain the concepts, your thoughts, and feelings that you experienced. You should not lie when writing a personal essay. Your priority should be to tell the truth whatever you experience and try to use those words come to your mind naturally.

To Sum it Up 

When you are writing a personal essay you have to write about yourself what you have experienced in your life till now what you learned from these understandings and lessons. What have these experiences changed you and what changes you had and want to make in your life. 

Moreover, our writers create the step for those who want to write their personal statements and don’t know how to write it. By keep in mind these steps you can write a compelling personal essay. 

You should make sure not to write any fake scenarios or experiences that you did not experience. Try to be honest about yourself because it will explain what kind of person you are and what you going through in your life. Also, you can see personal essay examples to write a good personal essay.

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